Urban Nation

Missions are lead by our Urban Nation team. Urban Nation is a training ground for anyone who desires to learn how to “love beyond labels” and impact their community as a positive influencer. We do this by teaching people to change the world, loving others the way Jesus intended them to be loved.

Missions Teams

We invite you to serve and learn by joining us in Atlanta on a short-term, mission trip. Scheduled projects and activities may include but are not limited to: serving meals; planning and leading IMPACT services; community outreach; team building exercises; and the planning and execution of a community event. It is important to note that projects and activities are customized to meet each team’s age, needs, talents, and desires.

The cost to participate is $70.00 per person, per day.

If you are interested in serving with us or would like more information contact Dennis Russell, Director of Urban Nation at (404) 523-2221 ext. 110 or via email at [email protected]

Long-Term Love

It's easy to view homelessness as a problem. But homelessness has a face and a name. Our friends who are in the cycle of homelessness don't need to be fixed, but they do need to be loved. You can join us in practical serving opportunities and doing life with them by coming to Atlanta on a short-term trip.

  • Mission Teams are groups who wish to serve for one or more days at SHO, with many teams staying overnight. Schedules, projects, and activities are customized to meet each team’s ages, needs, talents, and desires. Mission Teams provide a sustainable revenue stream as each team serving at SHO is required to pay a fee for each member’s programming and housing.
  • Total Immersion provides individuals or groups a glimpse of what a day is like in the life of those experiencing homelessness. With very minimal possessions and full-time guidance of a trained staff member, they must obtain their own meals, secure shelter for the night, live as part of the homeless community, and find their way back to SHO. In order to participate in Total Immersion trips, participants must be at least 18 years old and become approved for experience.

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